Chairman Antiques

Andrew Blackall is a dealer in British and European antique furniture, objet d’art, painted furniture and ethnic art.

Form, function and colour are all important aspects when choosing his stock and he is known for retailing quirky, interesting pieces from around the world.

Conceived as an Antique boutique by founder Andrew Blackall, Chairman Antiques has worked with both British and International clients retailing single pieces to large interior design projects as far afield as:

- A town house in Kensington, London, England;
- A Casa in Lisbon, Portugal;
- An apartment in St Petersburg, Russia;
- A roof top apartment in Islington, London, England;
- A Country house in Somerset, England

Working with collectors and interior furnishers and designers whilst retailing directly from online, and now dellighted to be with The Blanchard Collective.    

Andrew Blackall has ghost written books about antiques and written and produced award winning antique television and period drama where his love and knowledge of antiques comes to the fore.


Contact Details

Littlecote road
Froxfield, Nr. Marlborough

01488 686139