Ramsey Krause

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Ramsey Krause

Littlecote road
Froxfield, Nr. Marlborough

01488 686139



Ramsey Krause

Ramsey Krause joined the Blanchard Collective in October 2019. With over twenty years of experience in the art and design industry Alan Ramsey and Peter Krause have an impressive knowledge of antiques. They hold degrees in architecture, interior design, literature, and visual communication (Royal College of Art). The Ramsey Krause pieces at the Blanchard Collective are chosen for their simple beauty and the stories they evoke. Their collection is made of works of distinct character from their period, whether joyful baroque or the sober lines of the late eighteenth century, the mellow warmth of Italian fruitwood or the gentle patina on a painted Scandinavian secretaire. As well as dealing in antiques Ramsey Krause work on international interior design projects and sell a range of contemporary furniture and homeware. Their projects and products blend contemporary and classic elements into one cohesive language and redefine how antiques are presented within different spaces.

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